In the past, the Chi Flat Iron was really the only professional hairstyling tool on the market. Because of this, the prices were pretty high since they were initially intended to be used in salons by professional stylists.In recent years, it has become fairly common for these professional styling tools to be readily available to the public. This turn of events coupled with the increase in competitors has really driven down the price of the Chi Flat Iron.

You can still get the same great quality that Chi Flat Irons have always been known for, but now you can get the same farouk chi flat iron for about half the price.

Chi now has many competitors that promise the world with many new and exciting features, but it is important to remember that Chi innovated most of this technology and continues to be a leader in providing the very best haircare products at affordable prices.

Many customers prefer the original Chi over all of the newer brands that are currently flooding the market because chi flat irons are well designed and proven to last for years to come.

As long as you know what you are looking for, you will be very happy with an authentic Chi Flat Iron. Customers still love how the Chi ceramic flat iron is able to leave their hair feeling healthy, shiny, silky and sexy.

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